Shameless tech

 Our Approach

Other then the high tech recording and storage equipment we use, our approach is mostly random. Sprinkled with occasional late-night flashes of weak brilliance. Usually forgotten by morning.

Actually, it is really easy since we know so many great partners. Heck, if you are one reach out! We love flying to exotic locations like Peoria and Dekalb and Minsk and ... well call us we love to talk .

Our Story

we were forced to work together by our amazing, wonderful, all-knowing, magnanimous (did we spell that right?) and seriously smart boss, Vlad Stojanovski. We eventually stopped signing each other up for random email lists and found we actually liked each other, sort of.

Anyway here we are so we make the best of it.  Oh and seriously, how cool is it to say you work for a guy named Vlad? We totally make it sound menacing to the new kids.

Meet the Team

The WordPress notes said "write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service."

We are not about that, that's for sure...


Chairman & Thought Leader

Walter is like a god to us.  His insights into cutting edge technology and its various uses is, well frankly limitless.  If only we understood his accent better.

Alex Josephs

Chief Third Sub Underling

According to his lawyer Mr. Dowe, we really should not say much here.

 Pay no attention to the desert locale or the heavy beard...

Dan de Grazia?

(insert made up title here)

This is rumored to be Dan but we can not confirm or deny the identity, location or why this person is wearing a drink umbrella behind their ear...