Two Guys Plugging Away

We are Alex Josephs and Dan de Grazia. We both work at IBM in the North American Channels Organization. One day we were Joking about some silly product placements and how little actual value they provided to anyone. The Shameless Plug Podcast was born!

The Podcasts and related information on this site are exactly what we said; a Shameless Plug for some pretty cool and always interesting technology. Recorded on site, these are largely unedited conversations with IBM Partners who have some interesting things to say. They are chats so listen in. Heck play it at 1.5x, just don't bother playing them backwards. Our extensive testing has found this to be slightly less interesting and sort of annoying.

It goes without saying (and yes, we are saying it), our opinions on cars, music, software, companies and everything else, such as the myth of the moon landings, are our own and those of our guests and sponsors. Don't get all wrapped around the axle, just stop listening. Oh and we delete negative comments.


A short preview of our latest and upcoming podcasts

Coda Global

Yeah we thought contracts were boring too. Then We talked to Coda.

For the nerds: By tapping into the power of sophisticated services like IBM Watson Discovery Services, Coda Global, a cloud-native consultancy and application developer, built an AI-based Contract Review Automation solution that can be customized for each client to compare and contrast contractual language, discerning what should and should not be included in a contract, flagging only specific wording in contracts that needs human review.  What do you do with the extra time?

Hearing Joe Pearse talk about what is possible with AI is very cool.  You should listen!


Coda Global Podcast


Just Like we Promised!

Cloud Raxak enables businesses to take advantage of the cloud's flexibility, scalability, and speed by simplifying and automating cloud security and compliance. In doing so, we help define proactive security postures, which are a key part of smooth and successful cloud transformations.

I am sure I am going to heaven since I was a SOX auditor at one time. I wish this was available then since I love automated compliance. These guys solve a huge number of issues from simple headaches to the stuff that sends CFOs to jail.  They are fun to talk to as well. Connect with Raxak on LinkedIn, or directly with Prasanna. To find out more about their work with IBM check it out here.

Cloud Raxak Podcast


Comming in late September:

Engine-4 is the largest Coworking Space in Puerto Rico with over 24,000 sq. ft. of mixed-used facilities. Engine-4 is a major contributor and supporter of the IBM WolfPack Live sessions and the global Call for Code Challenge.